Council on Advanced Studies Workshops

Established in 1982, the University of Chicago Council on Advanced Studies has brought together students and faculty from the Divinity School, Humanities Division, and the Social Sciences Division for the collaborative and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Integral to intellectual life at UChicago, Council workshops facilitate the dissertation-writing process and create opportunities for students, faculty, and visitors to debate cutting-edge research. They encourage rigorous engagement with student and faculty work through discussion, evaluation, and critical feedback. The Council has become a national model for graduate education, inspiring similar programs at other institutions.

Council Members

  • Chair of the Council on Advanced Studies: Deborah Nelson, Associate Professor of English and the College and Deputy Provost for Graduate Education
  • Margaret Mitchell, Dean of the Divinity School and Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature
  • Martha T. Roth, Dean of Humanities and the Chauncey S. Boucher Distinguished Service Professor of Assyriology
  • David Nirenberg, Dean of the Social Sciences Division and the Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor of Medieval History and Social Thought
  • Daniel Arnold, Associate Professor of the Philosophy of Religions in the Divinity School
  • Robert Bird, Associate Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, and the College. Chair of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies
  • Mark Philip Bradley, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Professor of International History and the College
  • Susan Gal, Mae & Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, of Linguistics, and of Social Sciences in the College
  • Katherine Kinzler, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor in Psychology
  • Jonathan Lear, John U. Nef Distinguished Service Professor at the Committee on Social Thought and in the Department of Philosophy
  • Jill M. Mateo, Associate Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development, the Committee on Evolutionary Biology, the Institute for Mind and Biology, and the College.
  • John McCormick, Professor of Political Science
  • Eric L. Santner, Philip and Ida Romberg Distinguished Service Professor in Modern Germanic Studies, Professor of Germanic Studies, Committee on Jewish Studies, and the College
  • Linda Waite, Lucy Flower Professor in Urban Sociology
  • Jennifer Wild, Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema and Media Studies and the College
  • Judith Zeitlin, Professor in Chinese Literature, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
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