GRADUCon will take place on Friday, April 7, 2017 at International House.


GRADUCon is the University's annual spring career conference for graduate students. The event features a full day of distinguished guest speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and informal networking sessions. Please visit for more information regarding the schedule and panel descriptions.

This year's event will feature panel discussions and workshops on (please note: tentative, and subject to changes):

  • Big Data in the Tech Industry
  • Careers in Think Tanks
  • Careers in Museums
  • What is Data Science?
  • Working at Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Science Communication Careers
  • Careers in Nonprofits
  • Careers in the Financial Services Industry
  • Careers in Entrepreneurship
  • Industry Research Careers for Scientists
  • Where Else Can I Teach?
  • Careers in Local Government
  • Careers in Consulting
  • First Year as Faculty (Humanities/Social Sciences)
  • First Year as Faculty (STEM)

In 2016, GRADUCon hosted 360 master's and doctoral students, as well as 80+ alumni. Attendees always have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one conversations with visiting alumni and guests. Graduate students, employers, and alumni interested in more information should visit the GRADUCon homepage. They should also feel free to contact Michael Tessel at UChicagoGRAD.

GradUCon has several central objectives:

  • Empower graduate students in their career search by helping to identify the transferrable skills that they are developing in the course of their academic work.
  • Provide concrete takeaways from the event, giving graduate students specific next steps in their job search and a clearer vision of their career trajectory.
  • Foster cross-disciplinary and cross-program conversations about various job markets and career skills.
  • Connect graduate students with alumni of graduate programs.

Graduate students with ideas about panel discussions or input about potential speakers should feel free to contact the conference planning committee directly.