DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Research Grants

Internal UChicago Deadline for 2019-2020 long-term grants: Late September 2018

DAAD Long-Term (7-10 months) Research Grants are awarded to highly qualified PhD candidates who are early in their academic/professional careers who wish to conduct research in Germany. This grant is open to applicants in all fields. The Unversity of Chicago is able to nominate two doctoral students for these awards annually. Any student who would like to compete for these nominations must submit an application by the internal campus deadline. Please note that the posted deadline on the DAAD website, November 4, is for applicants who are applying at large.


Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada. Foreign nationals are eligible if they have been full-time students/scholars at an accredited U.S. or Canadian university for at least two years at the time of the application deadline. Students from the Humanities and Social Sciences should have a good command of German. For complete eligibility requirements, click here.

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit the application both online (via the DAAD website) and in hard-copy (to Sara Mehta, Assistant Director of Fellowships, 970 E. 58th St, Chicago IL 60637) by the internal deadline. All documents, except the letters of recommendation (point 7), must be uploaded to the application portal in PDF format. Please note that these guidelines are region specific for North American applicants only (on the main portal you may find different guidelines such as maximum page numbers which don’t apply to North America):

1) Online Application Form
2) Curriculum vitae  - in chronological/tabular form, max. 3 pages.
3) Detailed and explicit project proposal and description of previous research undertaken, max. 10 pages.
4) Schedule of planned research work in Germany, max. 2 pages suggested.
5) Correspondence from the host/supervisor in Germany confirming his/her readiness to host/supervise the applicant at the time in question or (for structured PhD  programs) evidence of existing contact with the university
6) Transcripts- official transcripts of all higher education institutions from which you have a degree, including explanations of the grading systems on the back of the transcripts.
7) DAAD language evaluation form (Sprachzeugnis) (click here to download) – If you have any knowledge of German, submit this document signed by a faculty member of the German Department at your institution. If you have no knowledge of German and your research/study language in Germany is in English, be sure to submit this certificate anyway (upload it in the “Proof of Language Skills” section), indicating that your research/study language is in English, and write at the top "No knowledge of German." (Please note that German is not a requirement for the Research Grant) 

8) Confirmation of ABD status – THIS IS NO LONGER NEEDED AS OF SEPTEMBER 2015.
9) Letter of Recommendation - Submit one signed and sealed original letter of recommendation to Jessica Smith in UChicagoGRAD at the address above.

Contacts and Next Steps

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