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UChicago offers more than 100 graduate programs, many interdisciplinary in nature. Often the choice of which to apply to will depend on your specific needs, methodological interests, and consideration of the faculty, curriculum, and other options within each. For example, students interested in archaeology will find that both Anthropology and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations offer relevant programs; students interested in neuroscience will find faculty in both Psychology and the Biological Sciences; and reasearch interests related to education are often pursued within the Social Sciences, Social Service Administration, and Harris School of Public Policy, among others. Use the search module below to discover which offer programs in your areas of interest.

If you prefer to see a full list of graduate degrees, please see our program list

Joint & Dual Degree Programs

The University of Chicago offers many opportunities for students to combine graduate degrees. These joint or dual degrees allow students to pursue degrees in two complementary realms of expertise in order to provide them multiple tools and approaches for their future careers. For a complete list of these programs, please see here.

Application procedures for joint/dual programs vary by program. All students interested in a joint program are strongly encouraged to contact the admissions office for each program prior to beginning the application process.

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A broader search will return more suggestions, while more specific search terms may help narrow your results. Please note that choosing a school or division below will limit your search results to only that division or school. If you would like to return more results across the University, please select only a degree type and enter keywords.