What is Networking?

Networking is about making real connections with other professionals who can help you in your career. Our Introduction to Networking presentation shows you how it's done.

Networking Guide

Networking is...

  • Asking for advice, suggestions, and contacts
  • The start of a conversation, to building a relationship
  • Learning about careers from people in those careers

Networking is not...

  • Asking for a job. If the question you ask is, “Do you have a job for me?”– the answer is likely to be “no” and the conversation is over.
  • Asking for preferential treatment

Improve Your Networking Skills

In our Introduction to Networking, we give you the step-by-step tactics you need to:

  • Prepare for a networking event
  • Become more comfortable at networking events
  • Become an active listener
  • Turn small talk into meaningful conversations
  • Give a compelling pitch
  • Maintain connections and build relationships

Three Keys to Successful Networking

  • Be helpful – provide relevant information, articles, introductions, and advice
  • Follow up and maintain the connection
  • Don’t ask for a job

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