Informational Interviews

What are Informational Interviews?

An informational interview is a chance for you to learn about a person with an interesting job, a desirable career path, and shared academic or professional interests. Our Informational Interview Guide provides an introduction to the basics of informational interviews. You can also view slides from a recent workshop, Informational Interviews: The key to Networking Success.

Informational Interview Guide

What are they?

  • Informal conversations arranged at your request
  • Common practice among job seekers, particularly those changing fields
  • Essential networking tool
  • The easiest way to network- especially for introverts

What are they not?

  • Not a job interview
  • Robotic interactions with single defined objective
  • Sufficient on their own for developing a real relationship
  • A shady exchange intended to cheat an otherwise meritocratic labor market

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