Why a Master's?

The Value of a UChicago Master’s Degree

An advanced degree is an investment in your academic growth and your career trajectory. Master’s degree programs vary widely—some are terminal degrees, while others may lead to study at the doctoral level; some are primarily relevant to specific career paths, while others have more diverse outcomes. Whether you want to strengthen your preparation for a PhD program, change your professional pathway, or explore a subject area in depth, your decision to pursue a master’s degree should take into account several goals central to the master’s experience.

Intellectual Engagement & Professional Focus

While different programs offer varied approaches, a master’s degree presents an opportunity to refine your interests and hone your ability to succeed in a rigorous setting. A master’s degree can make you a better candidate for a top PhD program or help you refine—and achieve—career goals outside the academy. Graduate work requires close collaboration with faculty and engagement in critical questions among peers. At the University of Chicago, all students have access to world-class faculty and resources. They are encouraged to press beyond disciplinary boundaries—and empowered to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. Staff in each of the programs, as well as dedicated graduate student advisors, provide individual academic guidance and introduce students to diverse career paths and academic institutions, as well as to prospective employers.

Personal Growth & Lifelong Connections

A master’s degree program can help you meet and shape your personal goals. Immersion in a thriving community—a city, campus, and program—is integral to the success of our students. The intellectual and personal connections fostered within and across cohorts extends beyond the time you spend at the university. At UChicago, master’s students join hundreds of peers in more than 25 programs. Our students, as well as faculty and administrators, provide a source of engagement and collaboration in school and after. Upon graduating, master’s students mentor the cohorts who follow them, hold networking events in cities around the world, and carry their UChicago values and connections into every future endeavor.