UPR Initiative for Graduate Students

Initiative to Support Students, Scholars and Artists Affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

In light of the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and María, the University of Chicago announces a series of initiatives to support members of the academic and artistic community of Puerto Rico who have been severely affected or displaced. This initiative aims to provide relief to students, scholars, and artists by allowing them to continue their work at our institution in spring of 2018. 

Doctoral student program

Students at the dissertation stage of their doctoral degree will come to the University of Chicago as a Non-Degree Visiting Student  to continue their dissertation research during the spring quarter (March 26-June 9). Candidates should be formally affiliated in good standing with a college or university in Puerto Rico. The University of Chicago will provide: tuition, lodging, a meal plan, health insurance, a small stipend, and roundtrip airfare. It will also provide a working space (either a carrel in the library or space in a laboratory) and general library facilities. 

For information on opportunities under this program for undergraduate students, artists, and scholars, please consult the Provost's Office website.

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2018.

Currently participating graduate units

Application Requirements

Interested students may apply using the Non-Degree Visiting Student (NDVS) application for the unit most closely aligned to their research. In addition to the data collected on the NDVS application, you should submit:

  • A three-page description of the dissertation project that includes a description of the resources that you wish to use while at the University of Chicago.
  • One-page statement on your understanding of the role you will seek to play in the reconstruction of Puerto Rico upon returning.
  • An official transcript from the UPR. If your official transcript is not available, please submit an unofficial one.
  • A letter of recommendation from your dissertation supervisor.
  • Your CV.

Because each NDVS application is slightly different, we ask that you simply complete as much basic information on it as you can. If you are asked which faculty member you will be working with on the form, you should enter "Graduate Admissions" and the email address "gradadmissions@uchicago.edu" where appropriate.

Any of the requirements that cannot be submitted via the application should be emailed to us at gradadmissions@uchicago.edu along with your full name, the academic unit you are applying under, and your reference number from the application system.

Links to Applications

To create an NDVS application, select the correct area, and then create a new user account. When prompted, choose Non-Degree Visiting Student as the degree type.