Dissertation and Thesis Support

Many offices around the University offer programs and special events that support dissertation or thesis writing and completion.

Council on Advanced Studies Workshops

Established in 1982, the University of Chicago Council on Advanced Studies (CAS) has brought together students and faculty from the Divinity School, Humanities Division, and the Social Sciences Division for the collaborative and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Integral to intellectual life at UChicago, CAS workshops facilitate the dissertation-writing process and create opportunities for students, faculty, and visitors to debate cutting-edge research. They encourage rigorous engagement with student and faculty work through discussion, evaluation, and critical feedback. The Council has become a national model for graduate education, inspiring similar programs at other institutions.

Dissertation Write-Ins

Sponsored by UChicagoGRAD, the Dissertation Write-In is a five-day workshop designed to help graduate students break through personal procrastination habits and make good progress on writing. All participants are asked to make a commitment to write for four hours each day, in exchange for supportive programming, free coffee, snacks, and lunch. An optional afternoon session means that graduate students can challenge themselves to write for up to seven hours a day. This is a chance to reach goals and produce a great deal of work in a concentrated amount of time.

Additional Support

A wide variety of other support is available, from program-specific funding opportunities to writing groups. In addition, the University's Dissertation Office provides services like dissertation draft review, formatting advice and templates, and workshops.