BRAC Social Innovation Lab’s “Inclusion Fellowship: Capstone Research Programme 2021”, is an opportunity for current students and early-career researchers to design studies and experiments to understand the existing gaps in different areas of DFS to recommend a pathway from practice to policy at the end of the study.

The Fellowship will provide the mechanism for aiding clients to keep using DFS tools such as mobile money. Factors leading to growing gaps in lower-income communities should be taken into account when making policy recommendations. Fellows will be expected to build on pre-existing academic and in-practice research and evidence in the field of financial inclusion and gender equality, and provide additional insights or evidence on ways to strengthen women’s financial inclusion further.

We are looking for researchers interested in exploring questions along the pathway to inclusive digital financial services. A non-exhaustive list of research questions is indicated below.

How can the DFS continuity barriers in the ultra-poor communities be addressed?
What initiative should programmes take to reduce the increasing digital gender gap in developing countries?
What are different ways for policy makers and development practitioners to incorporate the changes needed into the existing DFS system?
How can the DFS ecosystem be more client-centric and unscathed?
What role can consumer protection play in mending the DFS design?
Capstone projects may take various formats, e.g. case studies, research papers/reports, policy briefs, interactive toolkits and playbooks, data illustrations, and others. We are also open to different research approaches and methodologies.

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