The Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship provides opportunities for U.S. early and mid-career professionals and practitioners to serve in placements in a foreign government ministry or institution around the world. Fulbright Public Policy Fellows build mutual understanding and contribute to strengthening the public sector while cultivating public policy experience in their area of expertise. The Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship also includes an independent professional project that provides fellows the opportunity to interact with the local community and further their career goals. Professional projects may include workshops, public lectures, or other appropriate professional experiences.

The Fellows will have an opportunity to build their knowledge and skills, provide support to partner country institutions, and promote long-term ties between the U.S. and the partner country through this flexible and innovative Fulbright program. Applications will be accepted in any public policy applicable area. See Fulbright website for more information about participating countries and fields of policy interest.

Successful candidates will include early to mid-career entrepreneurial and self-starter professionals with a graduate degree in a public-policy related field (e.g., JD, MPA, MPH) and a minimum of three to five years of full-time work experience. Postdoctoral candidates and practitioners active in the academic, public, or private sectors with a record of experience and accomplishment in a public policy related area are encouraged to apply. Candidates with field-specific background applicable to public policy (e.g.., Energy, Agriculture, Engineering) are preferred.

Potential applicants may also be interested in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, which can support a year of research, study or teaching outside the United States.


  • Advanced degree in a public-policy related field (Applicants must have degree in hand by the start of the grant)
  • Minimum three to five years of public policy relevant experience as a professional/practitioner outside of the classroom.
  • Candidates enrolled in a PhD are eligible as long as they have a MA degree AND three to five years of experience.¬†Candidates who have gone directly from undergraduate to PhD and have completed the PhD, but do not have any work experience are not eligible.

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