Hosted by the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) offers two nine-month internships (September 1–May 31) to individuals who are recent college graduates, current graduate students, or junior museum professionals interested in furthering their professional museum experience and enhancing their intellectual capacity for contributing to the expanding field and discourse of museum studies. The internships include a semi-monthly salary, free housing and utilities, a book allowance, the cost of one professional conference, and reimbursable travel to and from SAR.

The IARC hosts two Anne Ray internships per year. One is open to Native individuals, while the other is open to individuals from all backgrounds (you must be a US or Canadian citizen to be considered for either internship position). You must have graduated college and hold a bachelor’s degree by the start of the internship to apply. You must also have previous museum experience via an internship, volunteering, or employment.

Annual Deadline

March 1

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