ICME is the international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) devoted to ethnographic museums and collections from local, national, and/or global cultures and societies. ICME is concern[ed] with the challenges facing ethnographic museums and collections in a changing world while representing people and their cultures. Applications are invited for three (3) ICME Fellows, who must be individual members of ICME from developing nations or ICME youth members (under 35 years of age), to join the ICME conference and post-conference tour.

ICME Fellowship funding (up to 2.000 €) will be used to pay for conference registration, accommodation, airfare and reasonable daily allowance in for participation in the conference  and the post conference tour of Estonia and Finland, with a view to offer opportunities for enriching the on-going research of candidates through global interaction with ICME members from different parts of the world. Candidates are expected to remain active in ICME. We also ask each fellow to deliver a paper at conference and write a report for the newsletter.

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