Marble House Project is a multi-disciplinary artist residency program that fosters collaboration & the exchange of ideas by providing an environment for artists across disciplines to live and work side by side. Our residency program is uniquely curated to bring together a diverse group of artists to facilitate exchange of different expertise, histories, techniques and perspectives. With a focus on conservation of natural resources, integration of small-scale organic food production and the arts, residents sustain their growth by cultivating and participating in the surrounding grounds, working on their artistic vision and forging partnerships within the community. Marble House Project accepts approximately 60 artists from both the United States and abroad.

Currently, Marble House hosts four residency programs:

  • Artist Residency: Applications are accepted in all creative fields. This includes but is not limited to visual arts, writing, choreography, music composition and performance. There are six sessions and each session lasts for three weeks. The artist-in-residence season runs from mid-April through the end of October. Marble House Project provides residents a private bedroom, food, studio space and artist support.
  • Family Friendly Residency: Marble House Project offers one session per season in our residency program that is family friendly. Accepted artists can bring their spouse/partner and children. Each family is provided with housing, studio space and food in a communal atmosphere.
  • Culinary Arts Residency: The culinary artist residency runs concurrently with the artist residency so that both Chef and Artists can interact and learn from one another. Chefs will be given a professional kitchen near the garden. Chefs are not responsible for cooking for the artists residents but they will be paired with the artists for meal making two or three times during the residency. For this residency a small stipend will be offered.
  • Collaborative Residency: This residency program offers time and space designed for collective group-making and collaboration, as an alternative to residency programs geared toward more individual studio practices. Residents apply as a group, and live together in the main house with access to up to five studio spaces, as needed. The cost for the group is $10,000 which covers housing, food and studio space.

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