Alumni Club of Italy Fellowship

The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Italy Association announces the sixth annual scholarship competition for Italian citizens admitted into a graduate program at the The University of Chicago. Applicants should review the complete announcement of the competition here.


July 7, 2017 (EXTENDED)


Must be an Italian citizen admitted and enrolled n a University of Chicago graduate program during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Award Amount


Application Requirements

  1. Completed cover page;
  2. Personal resume with education details;
  3. A short essay (motivational letter) on the following subject “Why are you seeking a scholarship from the Association and what unique knowledge and experiences do you hope to contribute to the University of Chicago and/or to Booth School of Business” (maximum 1 page, 12 pt. Times New Roman).
  4. Transcripts of the school grades (providing, if applicable, institutional grading scale or other standards of evaluation, including minimum passing and failing marks, and definition of grades between them) and, if applicable, transcripts of the most recent grades obtained in any official examination (including grades of the previous academic year if the applicant was already enrolled at the University of Chicago and/or Booth School of Business during previous years);
  5. A statement whereby the candidate informs as to whether he/she has been awarded other scholarship, grant or financial aid by private or government institutions;
  6. A letter of recommendation from a prominent individual (academic or professional) within the candidate’s area of interest and activity;
  7. Documentation proving: (a) the enrolment for the academic year 2017-2018 to a program at the University of Chicago and/or Booth School of Business or (b) the application form provided to and accepted by the University of Chicago and/or Booth School of Business.

The documents listed under 4 and 7 above can be provided by mean of self-certified declarations or by providing the originals certificates or notarized copies. If the applicant uses the self-certified declaration he/she must include a copy of a valid identification document.

Submission Process

Complete and signed application must be addressed to the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Italy, to the attention of Massimo Chiabotto, by June 26, 2017. Such application material must be sent by email to,, and The sent email date shall be deemed to be the evidence of the application submission date. No applications will be accepted after that date. Space is limited to ten complete and valid applications and the acceptance process works on first come first served basis.

Selection Process

The scholarship will be awarded to the winning applicant by a Commission composed of three members one of which is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association, one is a professor of the University of Chicago and one a prominent scholar. The latter two members are appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association. The Commission will evaluate: the resume, the grades, the relevance and the actuality of the topics researched in the publications and/or doctoral thesis. The Commission will also take into consideration the availability to the applicant of other scholarship, grant or any other financial aid. The scholarship award will be announced by July 13, 2017. However, the Commission may not assign the scholarship, if it deems so.

Questions,, and The UChicagoGRAD contact is