GRADUCon 2020 - Careers in Consulting



“CONSULTING!” can seem like the most frequently-cited knee-jerk response to the question “What industries value graduate student and postdoc skills?” And it’s true that consulting companies are among the most vocal employers when it comes to actively recruiting individuals with advanced degrees. Join us for a candid discussion of what consultants actually do; about the players in the industry; about what kinds of jobs are available; and about how can graduate students start to tackle the rigorous and complicated recruitment process.


Hillary Child, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group (MS, Physics, University of Chicago, 2014; PhD, Physics, University of Chicago, 2019)

Hillary is a Consultant in the Chicago office of BCG. Since joining BCG this year, she has worked in the consumer products industry. During her PhD program at UChicago, Hillary studied cosmology at Argonne National Lab and in Japan. She holds a BA in Physics and Russian Area Studies from Kenyon College.

Alexis Howard, Associate, McKinsey & Company (PhD, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago, 2019)


Max Malacari, Consultant, Bain & Company (Postdoc, Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago, 2019; PhD, experimental and theoretical physics, University of Adelaide, Australia, 2016; MS, high-energy astrophysics, University of Adelaide, Australia, 2013

Max was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago’s Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics from 2016 to 2019. Prior to that he received his PhD in high-energy astrophysics from the University of Adelaide (2016, Australia). He has worked for Bain & Company as a Consultant since July 2019, primarily in the healthcare sector with a focus on clinical trial customer experience. Max spends his spare time learning to fly airplanes, and building automated watering systems so his plants don’t die while he’s traveling.


Pam Schilling, CEO and Co-Founder, Archer Career (MBA)


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