GRADUCon 2020 - Careers in Grassroots Organizations



The Grassroots Panel is a discussion to understand how several alumni used their degrees to do work that puts community at the center of its mission.  Grassroots work is known for not following the norm in regards to power structures, instead starting from the bottom (hence the term grassroots) and aiding communities to join collective action. In this type of work, one learns how political, economic, and societal change can come about by placing power in the hands of people who need it the most. Many great movements in this country began and prioritize grassroots work. Come to this panel to hear how your graduate work can be put to task in a career field that always celebrates collaboration. Shaz Rasul, Daunte Henderson, and Adam Alonso have done grassroots work in their collective fields, and made an impact in their respective communities.


Daunte Henderson, Executive Director and Founder, MADEMAN Foundation (AM, School of Social Service and Administration, The University of Chicago, 2021)

Daunte Henderson is a mental health professional, writer and non-profit executive from St. Louis, MO. Daunte started the MADEMAN Foundation in 2016 with the vision of helping young Black men to address their traumas through the medium of hip-hop. The MADEMAN Foundation is a mentoring and hip-hop therapy program for young Black men in grades 6-12. Daunte has been serving young Black people since the age of 13 in a variety of capacities, ranging from youth counseling to social work. Henderson is a soon to be graduate of The University of Chicago’s School of Social Service and Administration. 

Kafi Moragne Patterson, Director of Student Civic Education & the University Community Service Center, University of Chicago (MSW, UIUC, 2008; PhD, SSA, University of Chicago, 2015)


Shaz Rasul, Executive Director of Student Civic Engagement Initiatives, University of Chicago 



Marquita AmoahAssistant Director, Community Partnerships, University Community Service Center, Office of Civic Engagement, The University of Chicago


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