GRADUCon 2020 - U.S. Job Search for International Graduate Students and Postdocs



As an international student, the process of navigating the job search and avoiding potential pitfalls within the American job market can be a disconcerting concept for many. Attend this panel if you’re an international student who would like to hear from someone who has been in your shoes, and to take away valuable advice on how you can be successful in a job search process that is different from what you may be used to in your home country. The panel will comprise of alumni from different countries who will share their perspectives on how they have navigated the job search process, shown success in negotiating their job offers, and the types of realities international students would have to be prepared for in entering the U.S. job market.


Ami Parikh, Senior Data Analyst, Capital One (MS, Analytics, University of Chicago)


Clare Huang, Senior Data Scientist, Conversant (PhD, Geophysics, University of Chicago, 2017)

Clare received her Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences, specializing in Atmospheric Dynamics in fall 2017. She participated in the Insight Health Data Fellowship in Boston in summer 2017 and was a data science intern at the Tempus Lab working on a project related to natural language processing and information retrieval in spring, 2018. She joined the Decision Sciences team at Conversant Media in fall 2018, focusing on personalization of content delivery in digital marketing campaigns.

Jun Yoon Mok, Data Scientist, Quantum Black (MS, Analytics, University of Chicago)


Orest Xherija, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago (PhD, Linguistics, University of Chicago 2020 (expected); BA, Mathematics, University of Chicago, 2014)

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics of The University of Chicago working in areas of Natural Language Understanding, in particular in the intersection of linguistics and deep learning, with emphasis on the linguistic properties of vectorial representations of text. I received a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago and I have completed Data Science internships at IBM Research and Expedia Group, where I worked in problems in the domain of Natural Language Processing.

Vanessa Mukhebi, Communications Manager, ReFED Inc. (MA, Social Science, Anthropology, University of Chicago, 2019)

Vanessa Mukhebi is a passionate sustainable development advocate, food anthropologist and creative storyteller with over three years experience in development communications and food security in both sub-Saharan Africa and North America. Vanessa currently serves as ReFED’s Communications Manager, developing communication and marketing strategies that support the non-profit’s mission to reduce food waste across the U.S. In addition, she served as Project Assitant to Professor Stephan Palmié’s Food Cultura course in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago.  She holds an MA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago where her thesis focused on the cultural dimensions of food insecurity amongst the African diaspora in Chicago. Vanessa also holds a BA in Media and Communication, Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Sydney in Australia.


Nick Seamons, Director, Office of International Affairs (MS)


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