GRADUCon 2021 - Careers in Consulting


“CONSULTING!” can seem like the most frequently-cited knee-jerk response to the question “What industries value graduate student and postdoc skills?” And it’s true that consulting companies are among the most vocal employers when it comes to actively recruiting individuals with advanced degrees. Join us for a candid discussion of what consultants actually do; about the players in the industry; about what kinds of jobs are available; and about how can graduate students start to tackle the rigorous and complicated recruitment process.


Lu Yao, Consultant, Bain and Company (PhD, Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago, 2016)

Lu grew up in the Chicago area and attended Northwestern for undergrad. Afterwards, she completed her PhD in evolutionary biology at University of Chicago / The Field Museum followed by a postdoc at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, during which she decided to switch into consulting. Lu recently started at Bain as a Consultant in October 2020. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor sports, travel, and photography.

Larischa De Wet, Senior Consultant, Guidehouse (PhD, Oncology and Cancer Biology, University of Chicago, 2020)

Larischa is Senior Consultant at Guidehouse in the Life Sciences sector. During her time at Guidehouse, she has worked on diverse projects across many disease areas, including oncology, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to transitioning to consulting, she completed her PhD in Cancer Biology at the University of Chicago, with her research focusing on determining mechanisms of therapy resistance in prostate cancer.

Joseph Quille, Manager, Guidehouse (Masters of Public Policy, University of Chicago, 2012)

Joseph is a Manager with Guidehouse’s State & Local Government practice. He has experience leading complex programs and assisting public and private sector organizations transform their operations through technology and change management. He has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in the areas of education, academic medicine, public health and safety, and finance.

Hannah Worrall, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company (MS, Statistics, University of Chicago, 2018)

Hannah is an engagement manager in the Chicago office of McKinsey. Her work focuses on serving industrial clients with growth strategy and merger integration. Prior to McKinsey, she was a data scientist with a Chicago-based fintech company.


Pam Schilling, CEO and Co-Founder, Archer Career (DBA, DePaul University, 2019; MBA, University of Chicago, 2000)

Dr. Pam Schilling has unique professional characteristics: Female start-up founder, TechCo CEO, multi-time career changer, and mom to 8-year-old twins. Pam is a globally recognized tech-leader and career coach. She is the CEO/Co-Founder of Archer Career, a CareerTech start-up providing software tools/services for professionals to get jobs and advance careers. Over the last decade, Pam has coached 500+ clients and hosted 10,000+ attendees at her workshops. Her focus is building skills and confidence to secure a new job or better navigate a career path within an organization. She recruited/hired MBAs and others while at Strategy&, Here Technologies, Huron Consulting Group, and PwC. Her clients are hired by Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Amazon, and other selected employers. Pam is a Human Capitalist – she and her team believe that people are a critical priority to making things happen, in organizations and in the world around us, to advance economic prosperity and humanity.