Hiring Higher Education Administration (HEA) Interns

Is your UChicago office interested in hiring a graduate student intern?  UChicagoGRAD’s Higher Education Administration (HEA) Internship Program places graduate student interns from all levels and disciplines in paid internships with host offices across campus. The program offers hosts opportunities to collaborate with highly trained students who are looking to build skills and explore careers in higher education administration. It also provides hosts with unique mentorship opportunities, as staff members offer guidance and specialized training to the next generation of talented administrators.  (If you are a student looking to secure an HEA internship, browse this list of opportunities.)

How It Works

HEA internships enable students to work in your campus office while also benefiting from tailored professional development programming at UChicagoGRAD.

Not all on-campus jobs are eligible for inclusion in the HEA internship program.  Internships in which students are engaged solely in day-to-day clerical duties are not appropriate.  Rather, for an internship to be classified as an HEA internship, most of an intern’s responsibilities should be in service of specific, long-term projects.

Examples of past projects include writing a long-term strategic plan for an entire division, compiling procedural manuals, organizing and publicizing major events, revising the content and structure of websites, and devising methods for engaging students in university outreach initiatives.

If your office has hired graduate student interns for project-based work before, you can choose to classify these jobs as HEA internships, so long as they meet the requirements below.

Hours and Requirements

  • Funding for HEA internships comes from host offices, though HEA Internships can be funded through work-study.  HEA internships must pay a minimum of $15 per hour.
  • HEA interns are expected to work a minimum of 100 hours, though a host office may post an internship opportunity that requires more hours.  Note that graduate students may not work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year and 37.5 hours per week during the summer. This and more information is available in the university’s student employment policies.
  • HEA interns should spend the majority of their work time engaged in substantive, project-based work that meaningfully contributes to the host office.
  • Host offices should encourage their interns to participate in professional development programming designed by UChicagoGRAD especially for HEA interns.  This programming, which covers topics such as program design and office communication, helps interns build additional administrative skills and connects them to resources across campus. Host offices are not responsible for compensating students for the time they spend in the supplementary events.

CREDENTIAL in Higher Education Administration

HEA interns may also choose to complete additional optional training to earn a Credential in Higher Education Administration.