Financial Management and Wellness

Tax Filing

A workshop on Filing Taxes as a Domestic Graduate Student was held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. If you were unable to attend, please consult the 2017 presentation. International graduate students should consult the Office of International Affairs for information on filing taxes as a non-U.S.citizen.


A Budgeting 101 workshop was held on Wednesday, June 8. If you were unable to attend, please consult the 2016 presentation.

Recommended Free Financial Management Apps

These apps are available for free download on iTunes:

Online Financial Management Sites

  • GradSense: Budgeting resources specifically designed for graduate students by the Council of Graduate Schools
  • Mapping Your Future: A money and loan management site for students
  • Money Management International: Personal budgeting tools to use in graduate school and beyond
  • My Money: A U.S. Government site dedicated to financial information