Students are invited to apply for sums up to and including $2500 to support digital copying of essential archival material from an archive in the British Isles or Ireland. Proposals must include a description of the project, a detailed description of the archival material to be copied (making clear both the quantity of material to be copied and the material’s importance to the project), and a detailed budget (see details below). All applications must include an email from the student’s departmental Director of Graduate Studies certifying status in the program

Applicants should begin the process by contacting archives to find out about their copying procedures and requirements.  Many archives have lists of people who do digital copying for them.  Applicants should also include some indication that the archive in question is open for digital copying (see below).  We are aware that some archives charge for making digital copies.  Applicants are welcome to include this fee as part of their budget. This competition is open to all graduate students including those who have received support from the Nicholson Center in the past.


University of Chicago Ph.D. students from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Divinity School, and Law School are eligible.  To receive Nicholson funding, you must maintain appropriate registration status.  In all cases, the research funds are to be used before the dissertation defense.


The Nicholson Center Graduate Archival Research Grant (Non-travel) supports doctoral students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Divinity School, as well as students in the Law School (conducting historical research), who require archival research at an archive located in the British Isles (including Ireland).  Research projects that focus on British Studies (broadly conceived) including Britain, Ireland, or the former British Empire, will be given preference. Applications that demonstrate the need to access materials from an archive in the British Isles or Ireland, but whose topics do not necessarily focus on British Studies (broadly conceived), might also be considered by the committee.


Applications must be submitted by the day of the deadline to Jeanne Fitzsimmons (

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