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Graduate study is a major investment in your personal and professional future. We aid graduate students through a wealth of funding opportunities, and have a team of supportive staff who can help you navigate the process.

Students in most PhD programs are guaranteed to receive generous funding every year until degree completion. Master’s programs differ more widely, with many offering some merit aid awards, and a few offering need-based aid. You should review the specific details of the programs you are considering to determine what types of aid they offer. In addition, because of the prestige attached to holding a competitive award and because the University cannot offer funding to every candidate, students are always encouraged to explore outside funding in their field.

Information on external awards available to incoming students can be found in the fellowships section. In addition, the University offers a wide array of opportunities, including on-campus student employment, educational benefits for veterans, teaching or research assistantships, fellowships or grants, and other financial aid.