Graduate Administrative Services

The Graduate Administrative Services team is your one-stop-shop to ask any financial or administrative questions. Graduate students can reach out to us about university funding, administrative systems, tax obligations, financial wellness, or even how to set up direct deposit. We are here to help!

GRADHelp hosts programs throughout the academic year to help students navigate anything related to financials at the university, including how to:

  • practice financial wellness in graduate school
  • calculate quarterly estimated taxes
  • understand federal and state tax obligations as a domestic or international student
  • manage applications for US taxpayer IDs

In winter quarter, GRADHelp provides programs to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and scholars file their tax returns, including asynchronous tax sessions (for domestic and international students, post-doctoral fellows, and scholars).

GRADHelp also connects students with the other offices that work with graduate students, including Student Support Services, Graduate Financial Aid, the Office of the Bursar, Shared Services, and divisional Deans of Students.

Logo that reads UChicagoGRAD GRADHelp, with the UChicago crest.

We field financial and administrative questions from graduate and professional students, postdoc fellows, and University staff. Got a question? Contact us at

Traci Verleyen Hope – Director, Graduate Administrative Services

Ben Fuqua – Assistant Director, Graduate Administrative Services

Lizette Medrano – Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Administrative Services