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UChicagoGRAD is committed to supporting the career development of international students and postdocs. Our team of advisors—several of whom were international students themselves—is available to guide you through job searching in the US and abroad. We invite you to book an appointment with your career advisor and explore the dedicated events and resources below.

Please note that UChicagoGRAD does not advise on OPT or other visa and immigration matters. Contact the Office of International Affairs for assistance.


Interstride is an interactive platform that provides insights, community, and job opportunities to both domestic and international students. Users can explore US companies that commonly sponsor H1B visas, view webinars on immigration processes, and read guides on living and working in a wide range of countries. Access the UChicago Interstride portal. Contact Josephine Cai with questions.


UChicagoGRAD regularly offers career events tailored to the needs of international students and postdocs. Our weekly Career30 series provides essential advice on navigating the US job market, and we offer a “US Job Search for International Students” panel at our annual GRADUCon conference as well as an “International Academe” panel at our annual Academic Job Market Summer Camp. Stay up-to-date on these and other offerings by viewing the upcoming events in GRAD Gargoyle.


UChicagoGRAD’s career team, along with International Student Initiatives at UChicagoGRAD, provides one-on-one advising tailored to the needs of international students and postdocs. Our career advisors can help you discern your professional priorities, understand US job market norms, and navigate the complexities of communicating with potential employers. UChicagoGRAD’s international advisor, Josephine Cai, offers coaching on navigating your professional identity and adjusting to US professional and academic cultures. Students and postdocs seeking feedback on their academic writing can meet with writing advisors or ESL/EAL tutors. Book an appointment via GRAD Gargoyle.

Career Guides

The GRAD Gargoyle Content Library contains a number of helpful written guides, including the International Graduate Student Guide to the Job Search in the United States.

English Language Institute

UChicago’s English Language Institute helps you improve your professional communication in English. View their “Jobs and Professionalization” resources and consider attending their Conversation Hour, which frequently features career-related topics.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) provides advising services and supportive programming to the international community at UChicago. For individualized support, consult the OIA Staff Directory and reach out to your OIA adviser via email or by telephone.