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As one of the world’s great intellectual destinations, the University of Chicago empowers students and scholars to ask big questions, break disciplinary boundaries, and challenge conventional thinking in virtually every field.

An integral part of Chicago’s urban landscape—with additional locations in Beijing, Delhi, London, Paris, and Hong Kong—UChicago, its world-class Medical Center, and three national laboratories have helped launch and advance the careers of Nobel laureates, CEOs, Supreme Court justices, literary giants, MacArthur “geniuses,” astronomers, astronauts, and more.


UChicago offers more than 100 graduate programs, many interdisciplinary.

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Nidia Banuelos, PhD'16, Sociology

“When I came to graduate school, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to study: only that I wanted to be a sociologist. The sociology department here encourages interdisciplinary, exploration, and experimentation. Because none of the faculty impose their own research interests on students, we are given the freedom to develop our own interests and also, to seek advice from different fields when useful. This style of advising is great for people who are self–motivated and interested in situating their work at the intersection of multiple fields.”

Fay Zhao, MS'14, Financial Mathematics

“My undergraduate program focused on the basic courses in mathematics. In order to get into finance with a quantitative focus, I needed graduate–level math and exposure to the financial industry and market. UChicago's FinMath Program gave me that extra leg up.”

Francisco Najera, PhD Candidate, History

“I wanted to study history because I believe in the power that understanding our past represents for navigating our present. I am interested in immigration and social movements, issues that are deeply embedded in the history of our country and which hold both promise and challenges for the foreseeable future. The city of Chicago has been an incredible laboratory in which to study this history, and the University of Chicago has been a leader in doing just that.”

Alyssa O'Connor, JD'16, Law School

“I chose UChicago because I was looking for a tight–knit campus experience with big–city extracurricular and cultural opportunities. Living in Hyde Park, I feel part of an engaging and unique academic environment. At the same time, being so close to the city has allowed me to expand my professional network, get real world job experience, and enjoy the vibrant metropolis that is Chicago!”

Kate Mariner, PhD'15, Anthropology

“During my first couple years of graduate school, I attended the Faculty of Color Panels, which were instrumental in allowing me to envision myself as a future faculty member. I think this kind of programming is essential to provide support and mentorship to students of color on campus, and to provide invaluable mentoring experience to graduate students who can then mobilize those mentoring skills as they become faculty, in order to support the next generation of scholars of color.”

Lauren Howard, PhD'15, Psychology

“I am constantly amazed at how the University of Chicago continues to focus on graduate student education and lifestyles. They offer so many opportunities to learn about career options, to network with other students or faculty, to get into the community, and to lead a happy life while you are still in graduate school. This holistic model of support allows students the freedom to really excel and explore their research interests.”


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