Graduate Global Impact (GGI) Internship Program

Do you want an internship but are not sure where to start? UChicagoGRAD can help:

  • Partner. Apply for paid “partner” internships with academic, industry, nonprofit, and government organizations via GRAD Gargoyle. Partner internships are available on a rolling basis.
  • Pitch. Create your own customized “pitch” internship with an organization that otherwise could not afford to pay an intern. A limited number of $4,000 stipends will be awarded to students for these summer internship projects. Pitch internship deadlines occur each year in mid-February.
  • Mentor. UChicagoGRAD career advisors can serve as your “mentor” as you identify and apply for established external internships. Schedule a meeting with a UChicagoGRAD career advisor to discuss your options.


How to Get Started

Review the slides and handout from the 2018 GGI internship info sessions to learn more about the program. You can also meet with a UChicagoGRAD career advisor to discuss internship options by scheduling an advising appointment in GRAD Gargoyle.  Info sessions for the GGI internship program occur each year in mid-January (RSVP in GRAD Gargoyle).


Tailored to the varied life cycles of UChicago graduate students, GGI internships complement academic training while providing students with professional experience in diverse sectors. Prospective interns must be enrolled in full-time, degree-granting UChicago graduate programs and can select from academic year, summer, and Higher Education Administration (HEA) Internships. Contact Mike Tessel with questions. Employers and host offices interested in posting an internship or job, click here.

GGI TypeCriteria
Summer Internship
• Partner (deadline: rolling)
• Pitch (deadline: February 17)
• Mentor (dealiine: rolling)
Training expectation: 250+ hours
Duration: summer quarter
$4,000 stipend
Academic Year InternshipTraining expectation: 100+ hours per quarter
Duration: 1 quarter minimum
Compensation and stipends vary by host organization
Higher Education Administration (HEA) Internship at UChicago officesTraining expectation: 100+ hours per quarter
Duration: 2 quarters minimum
$15 per hour

Note: HEA interns will participate in an 8-week professionalization workshop series that results in a Higher Education Administration Internship Certificate; Learn more.

Pitch your Own Internship

Since 2015, UChicagoGRAD has facilitated the placement of interns in summer positions that jive closely with their academic and professional interests. Students are invited to submit proposals for internships with nonprofits, university entities, and small startups that might otherwise not be able to provide a stipend or payment. They create the relationship and work with the host organization to build a project that has lasting impact.

These internships require a minimum of 250 hours of work, distributed over a number of weeks that makes sense for students and their host organizations.  Interns have worked in Chicago, Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Peru, the Southwestern United States, New York, Paris, and more.

GGI Pitch candidates must be enrolled in a full-time, degree-granting UChicago graduate program at the time of application. Internships should be between 10-15 weeks and must include at least 250 total hours of experience. Recipients must submit a post-internship summary to UChicagoGRAD and also are expected to serve as GGI Mentors for the following year’s cohort of recipients. Domestic and international students are eligible to apply. Stipend eligibility will vary by division. Please consult with your Dean of Students to ascertain specific policies.

Examples of past GGI Pitch internship hosts

Note: These are only examples to give you an idea of the types of organizations that have hosted GGI interns in the past. You are encouraged to seek out internship hosts that fit your academic and professional goals.

Arab Media and Society
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Black Youth Project
Campaign for Youth Justice
Center for Elementary Math and Science
Chicago Reporter
Civic Knowledge Project
Education & Hope
Field Museum
Forest Preserve Foundation
French Heritage Society
Genesee County Hispanic/Latino Collaborative
Health Gives Hope
Hope of Guinea
Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Justice Project
Illinois Republican Party
Institute of Public Environment
International Innovation Corps
Law Office of the Cook County Political Defender
Lindau Lab
Los Angeles Natural History Museum
Musée d’Art Moderne
Narrative 4
National League of Cities
Newberry Library
Office of the Mayor of San Francisco
Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development
Oxfam America
Peabody Essex Museum
Quilombo Xis-Cultural and Community Action
San Juan Citizens Alliance
Seva Mandir
Sierra Club
Smart Museum
Southside Community Arts Center
Spudnik Press
Success of All Youth
The Dusable Museum
The Legacy Project
UChicago Alumni Relations and Development
UChicago Career Advancement
UChicago Disability Services
UChicago Grad Enrollment
UChicago Humanities Division
UChicago Library
UChicago Office of Provost
UChicago UChicgaoGRAD
UChicago University of Chicago Press
US History Scene
Vera Institute of Justice
XO Feminist Productions

Phillip N. Norton GGI Internship

Awarded to outstanding GGI Pitch proposal from the Physical Sciences Division

A generous donation from alumnus Phillip N. Norton (Ph.D. Statistics 1988), this award is presented to the top GGI Pitch winner from the Physical Sciences Division. The application process will be the same as all other GGI Pitch internships, and PSD applicants will automatically be considered for this prize.