The American Antiquarian Society is interested in collecting materials printed in what was once British North America before the year 1877 (and a few collections extend through 1900), as well as select manuscripts A variety of short-term fellowships are available. These visiting academic research fellowships are tenable for one to three months each year.  Researchers can determine if AAS has material relevant to their project by searching the general catalog, browsing the collections descriptions, or by contacting the appropriate staff member.

  • AAS-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellowships: For research on projects related to the American eighteenth century.
  • Alstott Morgan Fellowship: Supports research on the history of education in nineteenth-century America, drawing on AAS’s unmatched collection of early educational materials, including the Alstott Morgan School Catalogue Collection and the The Student, Teacher, and Trustee Database Project, 1800-1900.
  • American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship: For research on American prints of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries or for projects using prints as primary documentation.
  • Barbara L. Packer Fellowship: For scholarly research and writing related to the Transcendentalists in general, and most especially to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Henry David Thoreau.
  • Brown Family Collection Fellowship: For researchers whose projects would benefit from working with the Brown Family Collections as well as many other AAS collections related to African Americans and Indigenous Peoples.
  • David Jaffee Fellowship in Visual and Material Culture: Provides a stipend for the study and use of visual and material culture in the pursuit of research on all aspects of American history before 1900.
  • “Drawn to Art” Fellowship: Supports research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources.
  • Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships: For research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources.
  • Joyce Tracy Fellowship: For research on newspapers and magazines or for projects using these resources as primary documentation.
  • Justin G. Schiller Fellowship: Supports research by both doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars from any disciplinary perspective on the production, distribution, literary content, or historical context of American children’s books to 1876.
  • Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships: Dor research on any topic supported by the collections.
  • Kate Van Winkle Keller Fellowship for Research in Early American Music and Dance: Funds scholarly research and writing on American music or dance, which must be appropriate to research collections at the AAS.
  • Lapides Fellowship in Pre-1865 Juvenile Literature and Ephemera: Supports research on printed and manuscript material produced in America through 1865 for (or by) children and youth.
  • Legacy Fellowship,: For research on any topic supported by the collections,
  • Reese Fellowship : Supports research in American bibliography and projects in the history of the book in America.
  • Stephen Botein Fellowships: For research in the history of the book in American culture.


$2,000 per month

For fellows who reside on campus in the Society’s scholars’ housing, located next to the main library building, the stipend will have the room fee deducted from the $2,000 stipend. (Room fees range from $700 to $500 per month.)

Length of Term

One to two months during the period June 1 to May 31


Doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research are eligible for many of the fellowships. Candidates holding a recognized terminal degree appropriate to the area of proposed research, such as the master’s degree in library science or M.F.A., are often eligible to apply.


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