AEA’s Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program (GEDI) provides paid internship and training opportunities during the academic year. The GEDI program works to engage and support students from groups traditionally under-represented in the field of evaluation. The goals of the GEDI Program are to expand the pool of graduate students of color and from other under-represented groups who have extended their research capacities to evaluation, stimulate evaluation thinking concerning under-represented communities and culturally responsive evaluation, and deepen the evaluation profession’s capacity to work in racially, ethnically and culturally diverse settings. Interns work the equivalent of approximately two days per week at an internship site near their home institutions from approximately September 1 to July 1. The interns may work on a single evaluation project or multiple projects at the site, but all internship work is focused on building skills and confidence in real-world evaluation practices. Interns receive a stipend of $8,000, mentoring, and expenses paid for two professional conferences.

There are no citizenship requirements, but students must be eligible to work in the United States.

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