The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS) is pleased to announce its annual Himalayan Studies Fellowships. These awards support research or other scholarly projects that will advance knowledge of the Himalayan region and support the broad mission of ANHS, namely to promote research, teaching, and outreach activities to increase the understanding of the Himalaya and adjacent mountain regions and to promote scholarly exchanges between the United States and citizens of countries in the region.

ANHS-CAROC FEllowships

Two fellowships of $4,500 are funded through the generosity of Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). CAORC promotes advanced research and international scholarly exchange, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, through its federation of independent overseas research centers (ORCs). ANHS is the only ORC currently focused on the Himalaya. The CAORC-supported Himalayan Studies Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens only.

ANHS will award one CAORC-supported Himalayan Studies Fellowship to a pre-PhD student, and one CAORC-supported Himalayan Studies Fellowship to a scholar who has already earned their PhD. Applicants for the pre-PhD fellowship must provide documentation that they are an enrolled graduate or professional student in good standing with their institution. Applicants for the post-PhD fellowship must hold a PhD or equivalent terminal professional degree by the time of submission.

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