The Bob Adams and Hatsue Shinohara Emergency Fund (“the Fund”), administered by the Center for East Asian Studies (“CEAS”), provides a Japan studies graduate student with immediate financial assistance to prevent him/her from withdrawing from a University of Chicago program due to sudden, catastrophic financial hardship prior to completing his/her/their degree.  In most cases, the Fund will not provide more than US$500, although requests for greater amounts will be considered based on the circumstances. The Fund is intended to be a one-time award to address immediate, unforeseen short-term financial crises. Money from the Fund is not a loan, and does not need to be repaid. Emergency funds are taxable.


  • The applicant must be able to show that he/she is registered in good standing on a full-time basis in a University of Chicago Ph.D. program with a focus on Japan studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences, or Divinity School
  • has a strong likelihood of success completing her/his graduate program with the assistance of this one-time award; and has exhausted other avenues for financial support.
  • Students in 2-year Divinity Master of Arts and Master of Arts in Religious Studies programs, as well as the 2-year Language Option of the Masters of Arts Program in the Humanities (TYLO-MAPH), focusing on Japan studies are also eligible.

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