University of Chicago legacy Ph.D. candidates (i.e., 8th year and above in 2022-2023 who are not under the University’s new Ph.D. student funding model) writing dissertations on topics related to Chinese studies. Students must be admitted to candidacy before the start of the fellowship (Autumn Quarter). In exceptional cases, CEAS will consider applications from University of Chicago Ph.D. students under the University’s new funding model (such students should consult CEAS before applying).


This fellowship provides funds for a year of dissertation work on a topic relating to Chinese studies. Research for the dissertation must be completed, and priority is given to those who have a chapter or two completed. Students who have been admitted to candidacy may apply in the spring for funding that will begin the following autumn.


This fellowship provides a stipend (up to $28,000 in 2022-2023), plus student health insurance, tuition, and student service fees over the course of three quarters in one academic year (i.e., autumn, winter and spring quarters). Even though this fellowship is NOT a dissertation completion fellowship with a graduation mandate, awardees are only eligible for this fellowship once, except in the case of compelling circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that students apply simultaneously for the CEAS Chinese Studies Dissertation Fellowship and for other grants and fellowships (both internal and external to the University of Chicago) and include this information in their CEAS application; in case of success, students are expected to inform CEAS of the amount of the award at their earliest convenience as CEAS may need to modify the award accordingly.


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