The goal of the Center for Gesture, Sign, and Language (CGSL) is to explore the interplay among gesture, sign, and language and, in so doing, address basic questions about human language and development. To further this goal, the Center is offering funding (up to $2,500) for the following purposes.

Student-led research projects

Preference will be given to cross-disciplinary and collaborative projects ( i.e. proposed by two (or more) students or postdocs) related to the goal of the Center. Funds may be used for subject payments, RA salaries to assist with coding, and expenses related to data collection (including travel); as well as travel to a conference to report the results of the project.

ASL Language Training

To qualify, Students must have completed at least two years of ASL classes at the University of Chicago or equivalent. Students are encouraged to consider ASL classes at Columbia College in Chicago or at Gallaudet University in Washington DC.


April 26, 2024. Please contact the Center for Gesture, Sign and Language for an extension, if necessary.


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