The Center for the Art and Architectural History of Port Cities “La Capraia” invites applications for Research Residencies for PhD students in the earlier stages of their dissertations. Projects may focus on art and architectural history, music history, archeology, the digital humanities, or related fields, from antiquity to the present. Projects should address the cultural histories of Naples and southern Italy as a center of exchange, encounter, and transformation, and, most importantly, make meaningful use of local research materials including artworks, sites, archives, and libraries.

Research Residencies run for the academic year (mid-September to early June). Research Residents are awarded free lodging and work space at La Capraia as well as a modest stipend of 6,500 EUR, administered by the Amici di Capodimonte, to help defray the cost of living. Research Residents are granted privileged access to collections and research resources at Capodimonte, and access to other sites, collections, and research materials are arranged as needed.

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