The Central European History Society (CEHS) aims to promote scholarly engagement with Central Europe’s diverse and deeply layered history. As a geographic space with historically shifting borders, Central Europe encompasses the historic states and regions inhabited by German-speaking peoples and their various neighbors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Habsburg lands, and East Central Europe more generally.


CEHS  seeks applications for travel and research grants up to $4,000. Research projects must demonstrate a clear and significant connection to Central Europe and involve travel outside North America. For the purposes of this grant, “Central Europe” includes the region’s historically German-speaking lands as well as the Habsburg Empire and its successor states. All grant-related travel must be planned to take place between April 1 and December 31, 2024.


Applicants for CEHS grants need to be:

  • Members of the Central European History Society at the time of application.
  • North American doctoral candidates (ABD) and recent PhDs (up to three years after completion of degree).

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