Each Spring, 28 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows are selected from applications submitted by students in a diversity of fields, including but not limited to medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, social work, psychology, pharmacy, physical therapy, law, nutrition, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and acupuncture. Working in collaboration with an existing local community agency, each Fellow designs and implements a service project that addresses an unmet community health need.

The Fellowship is an opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary group of students committed to working in underserved communities. Fellows are expected to participate in Fellowship activities throughout the year (May 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025). To achieve the 200+ hours of service and Fellowship activities required will take an average of 5-7 hours/week. In addition to the individual service projects, Fellows work in interdisciplinary learning collaborative groups, expanding their knowledge and capacities. Fellows receive a stipend of $2,750 (paid in four installments).


Any student who will be enrolled at least part-time in a health-related, graduate-level-degree-granting program during the Fellowship year is welcome to apply.


February 1st 2024

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