Colorado State University invites applications for a two year, full-time, 24-month position as Post-Master’s Fellow with the CSU Health Network. Each year of the fellowship will offer a different specialized training focus, in order to provide Fellows with the flexibility to work in a variety of settings. The Post-Master’s Fellowship at the CSU Health Network is designed to prepare individuals for a staff position in a university counseling service, with particular emphasis on social workers or counselors wishing to work at universities that have integrated their mental health and medical services. The training of clinically skilled, ethical, self-aware, and culturally competent mental health professionals is central to our mission.

The CSUHN Post-Master’s Fellowship is a transitional training experience between that of a master’s level Internship or Field Placement and that of a licensed Staff Social Worker or Counselor. A fairly unique aspect of the Fellowship is the close collaboration with psychology, medical, psychiatry, and other professions afforded by this integrated site. Staff members come from an array of theoretical orientations, including Existential/Humanistic, Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral, Positive Psychology, and Feminist. Close working relationships have been developed with the various Diversity Offices on campus, as well as with other university offices and departments.

The program is designed to meet partial requirements for licensure in the state of Colorado.


The Post-Master’s Fellowship requires graduation from an accredited master’s program in Counseling or Social Work and completion of an internship or field placement at a university counseling service or equivalent clinical experience.

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