The Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships (CSGrad4US) program aims to increase the number and diversity of domestic graduate students pursuing research and innovation careers in computer and information science and engineering fields. The program helps bachelor’s degree holders return to academia and pursue their research interests, enabling them to engage in innovative and high-impact projects without the burden of financial constraints.

Each year, a diverse cohort of CSGrad4US fellows is selected based on their demonstrated interest and potential in pursuing a doctorate in a field of Computer and Information Science and Engineering. The fellowship application is open January 15 – May 31, 2024.


To be eligible for the CSGrad4US program, applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident.
  • Intend to apply for full-time enrollment in a research-based doctoral degree program in a CISE field within two years.
  • Have graduated with a bachelor’s degree before December 31 of the previous year.

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