The Dedalus Foundation Dissertation Fellowship is awarded annually to a PhD candidate at a university in the United States who is working on a dissertation related to painting, sculpture and allied arts from the twentieth century, with a preference shown to Abstract Expressionism. The fellowship carries a stipend of $25,000.

Candidacy for the fellowship is by nomination only. Each September, doctoral art history programs throughout the country are invited to propose one nominee. Nominees should have completed all of their coursework and examinations and been advanced to Candidacy within their departments, and should be focused primarily on researching and writing their dissertations. Nominees need not be U.S. citizens. Once nominations are submitted to the Foundation, nominees will receive application guidelines from us via e-mail. Nominees are asked to submit a description of their dissertation, a biographical statement, a curriculum vitae, and a transcript of graduate level coursework. Applicants must have three referees submit letters directly to the Foundation.

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