Students with approved topics and making progress towards completion are eligible for Dissertation Fellowships.  Students at early stages of dissertation development are not eligible for fellowship support.  Funds awarded during this application cycle are intended to provide support during the 2023-24 academic year.   Applicants must be members of the Association, and dissertation fellowships are not renewable.

There are four different types of dissertation fellowships, with names reflecting the source of funding for the fellowship.  An applicant files a single application to be considered for all three types and can receive at most one fellowship.

The four types of awards are:

1. EHA Graduate Fellowships ($10,000)

2. EHA Fellowship for students outside traditional economics departments ($10,000)

3. Cambridge University Press Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000) This award is made possible through an endowment created through a partnership between Cambridge University Press and the Economic History association signaling a commitment to the development of the future leaders of the field, whose research will direct the study of economic history throughout the world.

4. Sokoloff Fellowship ($17,500) Thanks to a generous gift from Ken Sokoloff’s estate and other individual contributions, this fellowship honors the major contributions of Kenneth Sokoloff to economic history, and in particular his care and concern for the many students he introduced to economic history.

Please direct any questions about these fellowships to Professor Marc Weidenmier, Committee on Research in Economic History, Applicants are asked to submit a CV, a project description and two letters of reference (one of which should be from the dissertation committee chair). It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact letter writers and provide them with the submission directions. Letters can be uploaded at TBD. Please note that where the application asks for a 5 page project description (including references cited), this is to be double spaced with at least one inch margins on all sides and font size no less than 11 point.

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