The Endangered Language Fund (ELF) is pleased to announce the Sharing Language Diversity Fellowship. The Fellowship is meant to support the research of Ph.D. students who have completed two years of study in a graduate program in Linguistics and related disciplines, and who are engaged in the documentation of Indigenous languages and the archiving of linguistic data as part of their PhD graduate studies.

The primary purpose of this fellowship is to encourage emerging linguists, in collaboration with their Indigenous partners, to responsibly share annotated materials in a sustainable public forum for equitable access to ongoing and finished research, both for community members and for other scholars. This fellowship aims to create a culture of archiving and Open Access sharing in linguistics, as is common in many other disciplines. In the interests of equity and discovery, the grant is meant to contribute to the normalizing of the archiving of language and cultural materials in trusted repositories on an ongoing basis and making not just results but also data freely accessible to the public, with appropriate community approval.

Fellowships provide up to $30,000 for expenses related to the documentation of the Indigenous language and the responsible archiving of data from documentation and analysis done by the Fellow. Within 3-years of receiving SLD funding, Fellows must make documentation materials publicly available in an established and recognized repository according to best practices, data sovereignty, and the wishes of the community in which the Fellow conducted the documentation work.

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