Field Museum fellowships are available for graduate students engaged in dissertation research associated with the Museum. These fellowships provide stipend support, as well as limited funds to support research and travel. Three fellowships are available, all in the amount of $32,000. Students must be in residence in the Chicago area and are expected to spend a significant portion of their research time at the Museum for the duration of the fellowship. Eligible graduate students must have completed the preliminary examination. Applicants must contact the sponsoring curator well in advance of the application deadline.


  • Armour Graduate Fellowship: Open to any student enrolled in a PhD program who has completed their qualifying exams and meets the above eligibility requirements.
  • Brown Graduate Fellowship: For students enrolled in the Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB) training program at the University of Chicago, and this stipend is restricted to US citizens who have completed their qualifying exams.
  • Women in Science Graduate Fellowship:  Given to a female graduate student who has completed her qualifying exams and meets the above eligibility requirements.


March 1, 2024

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