Established by The Shafik Gabr Foundation, the Gabr Fellowship brings together a group of 20 emerging leaders from across Egypt and the U.S. – 10 Egyptians and 10 Americans. Fellows will meet with world-renowned public figures to explore transnational challenges faced by their societies and to gain insight into the diversity within Egyptian and American societies, traditions, politics, business, governance, art, law, media, customs and religions.

Leveraging their expertise and the depth of the exchange, Fellows will work together on collaborative action projects. The action projects address common challenges facing Egyptian and American societies. The projects serve to broaden the impact of the Gabr Fellowship to the Fellows’ peers, communities and societies with the goal of sustainable bridge building across both the east and west.

The program accepts applications from Egypt, Great Britain, Jordan, Lebanon, France and the United States. All applicants need to be between 24 and 35 years of age.

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