The Muhlenberg Foundation supports the JFK University Medical Center Satellite Emergency Department at the Muhlenberg campus, in addition to the JFK-Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder School of Nursing, EMS (Mercy 6&7), nursing and medical school scholarships and Plainfield Health Connections community programs for Plainfield residents. Scholarships are awarded yearly by the Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center Board of Directors to provide financial aid to one or more needy candidates matriculating in a program for a career degree in the study of medicine or osteopathy.

The Lapsley Scholarship program, administered by a committee, reviews applications and makes final selections. The scope of the scholarship is not limited to tuition, but may also include such fees as those for board, lodging, travel, meals, books and supplies required pursuant to the core curriculum.

Additional information

  • Receipt of scholarship assistance after the first year is contingent upon the recipient’s annual reapplication for such assistance as well as a scholastic record of demonstrated good standing. Scholarship renewal is not automatic.
  • Scholarship recipients may attend any medical or osteopathic school, accredited by the Association of American Medical Colleges or the American Osteopathic Association. Recipients may establish practices in communities of their choice.
  • Candidates will be notified of Board’s decision sometime after June 15. Successful candidates will have their scholarship awards forwarded directly to them by the Muhlenberg Foundation.

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