The fellowship provides scientists of outstanding ability an opportunity to advance their scholarship as resident department members at one of the IBM Research laboratories. The main hub of mathematical sciences activities in IBM Research is at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Westchester County, less than an hour north of New York City. Mathematical sciences research is also pursued at many of our global lab locations around the world.

IBM Research provides an atmosphere in which basic research is combined with work on practical applications. Our permanent members, academic visitors, and post-doctoral fellows pursue research in pure and applied mathematics and in theoretical and exploratory computer science. Core fields of research include: algorithms, applied probability, complexity theory, dynamical systems, numerical analysis and scientific computing, operations research, optimization and statistics. Areas of particular interest include: algorithmic game theory, artificial general intelligence, automated theorem proving and program synthesis, bio-inspired information processing, theory and analysis of foundation models and machine learning, and geometric data analysis. Close interaction with permanent department members is expected and encouraged, but fellows are free to pursue their own research interests.


December 31, 2023

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