Each year, the Insight Collaborative Fellowship Program selects a group of exceptional Fellows dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, and provides them with an opportunity to turn their passion and determination into action.

Through intensive training and planning, Insight Collaborative teaches Fellows how to develop and implement innovative programs throughout the world in a series of three-month placements.

Incorporating the knowledge and experience of local partners in the field, Fellows provide training, manage teams, coordinate projects, and help organizations address the needs of those affected by conflict.

Most local partners cannot afford the specialized conflict management expertise and services Fellows provide. Fellows donate their time, energy, and passion. Insight Collaborative donates its network of relationships, methodology, and skills. Donors contribute the funds required to serve individuals and communities in need. By funding Insight Fellowship Program Projects, donors have a direct and meaningful impact on humanitarian efforts around the world.

Insight Collaborative fundamentally changes the way people deal with conflict, develop working relationships, communicate, and problem solve. Impact varies by project and ranges from an increase in resolved disputes, to more effective problem solving, to an improved ability of partner organizations to fulfill their missions.

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