Pitch It! aims to kindle collaborative student projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries and generational lines, nurturing unique and imaginative creations that showcase the capacity of the arts to inform, influence, and innovate. Leveraging the Logan Center’s multifaceted resources—technology, stages, expertise, and inspiration—this initiative welcomes UChicago undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students, as well as Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) to submit proposals for site-specific work within the Logan Center.
The Logan Center encourages applicant teams comprised of students from diverse fields of study, including arts, law, business, medicine, physical sciences, and beyond. Pitch It! grants highly value the richness that emerges from collaboration among individuals with a wide spectrum of academic backgrounds and interests, providing an opportunity for exploration and growth within the academic community.

Pitch It! projects may take the form of an exhibition, film, music score, performance, publishable book or whitepaper, theater piece, public workshop, multimedia documented experiment, a digital app or game, or any other format. Successful proposals will receive a minimum of $1,000 to cover costs associated with the design, implementation, presentation, and/or publication of the project.


  • Open to UChicago undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students and Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)


January 17, 2024

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