The Inclusivity and Diversity Research Grant of up to $3,000 will be granted annually to a scholar, at any stage in their career, who seeks to pursue innovative research that will broaden the scope of medieval studies. Projects that focus on non-European regions or topics under the Inclusivity and Diversity Committeeā€™s purview such as race, class, disability, gender, religion, or sexuality are particularly welcomed. The grant prioritizes applicants who are students, ECRs, or non-tenured. For the current round of applications, we encourage proposals that address the challenges of conducting research during the Covid-19 era.

The deadline for applications is December 31st. The application will consist of a project proposal of up to 5 pages, a detailed budget, a full CV, and supporting materials, such as a travel itinerary or a table of anticipated fees. Applicants must be members in good standing of the Medieval Academy of America. Submissions will be evaluated by the Inclusivity and Diversity Prize Committee, in consultation with the Inclusivity and Diversity Committee.

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