This Talent Scheme aims to promote innovation in Dutch academic research and to encourage excellent individual researchers at various stages of their careers to make a permanent career of academic research.

With a personal grant, the top researchers (10-20% of their peer group) have the opportunity to develop their own, innovative line of research which could be structurally embedded in a research institution.

Applications can be submitted by researchers from the Netherland or abroad. However, once the grant has been awarded, the research should be performed at a Dutch host institution.

The Talent Scheme has three funding instruments, tailored to various phases in the researchers’ scientific careers:
• Veni, for researchers who have recently gained their PhD
• Vidi, for experienced researchers
• Vici, for senior researchers who have demonstrated the ability to develop their own line of research

There is a separate funding round each year for Veni, Vidi and Vici (each with its own closing date). Since 1 January 2017, NWO has a new organisation structure consisting of the following five domains: Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), NWO-Science domain (ENW), Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW),  Health Research and Development (ZonMW) and the cross-domain committee.

Veni provides researchers who have recently gained their PhD (within 3 years, by submission deadline) the chance to develop their ideas further for a period of three years.
The maximum grant amount is 250,000 euros.
A researcher may apply for a Veni grant on a maximum of 2 occasions.

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