The Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies at Stanford University pleased to announce a fellowship program for students with Japan-focused career goals in academia, business, diplomacy/government service, journalism, translation, and law, generously sponsored by The Nippon Foundation. The Nippon Foundation Fellows Program at the IUC aims to provide the most promising students with the deep linguistic and cultural knowledge needed to become leaders in their fields and to foster strong collegial bonds and intellectual exchange among themselves and with their IUC senpai.

The Nippon Foundation Fellows will attend the IUC 10-month immersion program in advanced Japanese language. The Nippon Foundation Fellows will receive a full tuition scholarship plus a modest living stipend to attend the 10-month fellowship program in Yokohama.

Open to applicants who: (1) will hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the time the program commences; (2) plan to pursue a Japan-focused career in academia or another field; and (3) are citizens of USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

Preference will be given to PhD candidates.

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